Mexican Takeaways In Machester

Some night you don’t feel like preparing a meal or going to a sit-in restaurant, so what do you eat instead? Mexican takeaway food is often a preferred choice but can be difficult to find. You may not know which one has the best prices, food quality or customer service. So how are you ever going to choose one? Gathered below are some Mexican takeaway places in the Manchester area, bound to please your taste buds.


wrapaway restaurantFirst up we have WrapAway, a small Mexican takeaway place in Withington, South Manchester. The restaurant is associated with JustEat, so they can prepare food and have it delivered right to your door. WrapAway has a large menu to select from, containing burritos, chips, cookies, salads, wraps and much more. They are mostly known for their Mexican food, but customers also enjoyed the waffles and wraps. The place often has promotions as well and is often very well priced. A meal typically goes from 5-10 euros and offers a fair bit of food. Customers state that WrapAway has fast service and delivery, with superb tasting food. Additionally, WrapAway is voted the cheapest Mexican takeaway in the Manchester area. Best of all, when complaints are submitted, WrapAway will promptly respond and fix the issue until you are content. The restaurant is strongly suggested due to its popularity, good food, and optimal prices.

El Paso

EL Paso Restaurant El Paso is a restaurant on Radcliffe New Road, Manchester. They are a Mexican and American takeaway place that has an association with Just Eat. Consequently, they also provide a fast and convenient delivery service. The place features a colossal menu with food products ranging from pizza to kebabs. They have an alcohol service with a variety of spirits to choose from. Also, El Paso provides food from all over the world, not just Mexico, including Italy, the Middle East, and the Caribbean. They often provide significant discounts on coupon promotions and offer very well priced food. The restaurant has a fairly high rating as well. Most customers said El Paso is their favorite take away restaurant because they provide such a large variety of well priced and delicious food. Others said that the food delivery service is somewhat slow, and the food was often cold, but these types of reviews are fairly scarce. Overall, El Paso seems like a solid Mexican takeaway and is suggested to anyone looking to order a variety of different delicious food types for an inexpensive price.


Chilango ResturantChilango is another Mexican Takeaway place in Manchester. They are located on Oxford Street, Manchester, and provide a delivery service thought Just Eat. They specialize in Mexican food and don’t have much of selection for more exotic or non-Mexican meals. Although they do provide a build your burrito and wrap service. You can also select from their vast number of unique specials. The pricing is not bad but is not cheap. Just to give you an idea, their cheapest burrito goes for 8 euros. Customers seem content for the most part, but others complain about the food being too salty and cold. Currently, no significant amount of reviews complaining about the slow delivery, but some also complain about the price. For the most part, Chilango seems like the go-to Mexican takeaway place if you have no other option, but for the time being, El Paso and WrapAway seem like the best choices.